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Your ultimate “zero fluff” plan of action to get more eyes on your website.

Learn our systemized strategy for increasing the amount of visitors to your website and making sure they’re a good fit for your business.

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Get started TODAY! Even if you don’t have a huge email list. Even if you don’t have a blog. Even if you don’t have 10,000+ followers on social media.

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Successful Set Up

We’ll show you three ways you can help Google find out what’s on your website so it will show up (and rank!) in search results.

Conquer the Tech

We cover the four tech components that can make or break your SEO, as well as how Google “reads” content on your webpages.

Pro Tips and Tricks

We’re sharing several of our pro tips, like how to compress your images to speed up your website, so you’re ahead of the game.

Find Your Keywords

We’re spilling the beans on our favorite FREE resources for finding the words your ideal customers are using when they search.

“Zero fluff” means we get straight to the point.

Our motto here at Base Note Labs is easy and simple, and our FREE guide to getting found online is no exception. We’re not going to waste your time with a fancy 238 page PDF, or a three-hour long video promoting the latest pyramid scheme.

That’s why this guide is a quick, easy, get it D-O-N-E checklist of ways you can optimize your website for search traffic right now. Just pop in your name and best email below and we’ll make sure it lands in your inbox.

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